Rainald Hiller President

The Company

After graduating from the Vienna School of Economics in 1973 Rainald Hiller
contributed to the success of renown Blue Chip Corporations like Philips, BASF and EMTEC Magnetics. Global marketing responsibilities (with long term deployments to Austria, Germany and Japan) took him to Central Eastern European countries where he became fascinated with the local people and their skills and talents to create products of refined traditional craftsmanship.

After years of business in the world of high-tech electronic data storage products Rainald Hiller took the chance for a complete turnaround. In 2007 he founded HCD-Hiller in Neusiedl/See, Austria.

The company's objective is to bridge the gap in language, administration and culture between  “High Crafts(manship) Producers” and their markets and customers throughout the EU and beyond.

Rainald Hiller is known for providing exquisite handcrafted and unique masterpieces at highest standards and affordable prices.

Within the European Union we deliver:

Plant Containers (tubs and boxes) in professional sizes and household sizes

  • to professional/institutional users (hotels, castles, clubs, municipalities etc)
  • to selected retailers

Sauna Tubs and Water Tubs

  • to professional users (hotels etc)
  • to selected retailers

Hand-cut Lead Crystal (glasses, plates, bowls, vases etc)

  • to selected retailers
  • tailor-made cups, trophies and awards for promoters, sponsors, clubs and corporations etc

Outside the European Union we deliver:

Hand-cut Lead Crystal

  • to importers and distributors

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